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TraveLing Exhibitions

Bring works of art from the Arkansas Arts Center’s permanent collection to your community!

Traveling Exhibitions feature extraordinary works from the Arkansas Arts Center Foundation Collection. Thematic exhibitions provide organizations with the resource to share culture and fine art experiences with their communities. Explore the available exhibitions and choose which shows you would like to share with your community!

2014- 2015 TraveLing Exhibitions Program

Poet in Copper: Engravings by Evan Lindquist

The prints that make up 
Poet in Copper are drawn from the Arkansas Arts Center's collection of over 225 works by the natural state's Artist Laureate for 2013-2017, Evan Lindquist. Lindquist, a master printmaker, became one of the most important forces in Arkansas graphic art during his forty years teaching printmaking and drawing at Arkansas State University until his retirement in 2003. His lyrical engravings have explored abstract imagery, music, portraiture, landscape, satire, architectural fantasies, and the history of printmaking, among other subjects. This exhibition includes images from throughout Lindquist's long, passionate career in art.

Otto Lang: Drawing From Life

Otto Lang was a master draughtsman who drew extensively from life. Reflecting the world in which he lived, Lang filled sketchbooks with ordinary characters of American life. His figure drawings, landscapes, cityscapes, and interiors formed the basis of illustrative works over a long career. Lang's drawings are the product of careful study and preparation. Drawing from Life focuses on these studies and sketches as they are used to inform and perfect final published illustrations.

Mid-Southern Watercolorists

Since 1970, the Arkansas Arts Center has enjoyed an active association with the Mid-Southern Watercolorists, a non-profit organization that includes approximately 250 artist members in 17 states. The mission of the Mid-Southern Watercolorists is to elevate the stature of watercolor and educate the public to the significance of watercolor as an important, creative, permanent painting medium. This traveling exhibition includes selections from the 44th annual exhibition at the Historical Arkansas Museum in Little Rock.

Bring a Traveling Exhibition to Your community!

1. Here’s all you need to bring a Traveling Exhibition to your area!
  • Must have a gallery-type exhibition space with limited access and moderate security, proper heating and humidity controls, and appropriate lighting
  • Exhibition spaces must be approved by the Arkansas Arts Center. Please inquire for details or click below to fill out a facility report.
2. It's affordable and there are ways to reduce your fees!
  • In-state $1,000 per month; $500 for each subsequent month, plus shipping/delivery fees.
  • Out of state $2,000 per month; $500 for each subsequent month, plus shipping/delivery fees.
  • The Arkansas Arts Council offers up to 40% fee assistance to non-profit Arkansas-based organizations certified as exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code (this includes public schools, institutions of higher learning, churches, and government units.).
3. You will receive additional resources for the exhibition!
  • Press information will be provided for local publicity of your tour.
  • Framed works will be provided from the Arkansas Arts Center Collection.
  • Text panels will accompany each exhibition and each work within the exhibition.
4. It's easy to book!
  • Simply contact the State Services Department by phone at 501-396-0350 or 1-800-264-ARTS. You may also email to schedule dates and times.

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