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Traveling Exhibitions

The Traveling Exhibitions Program features selections of drawings, prints and photographs from the Arkansas Arts Center Foundation Collection. These exhibitions typically contain 18 to 30 artworks selected by the curatorial staff. These exhibitions contain educational components which make them ideal for use at regional arts organizations and universities. Fee support is available. Contact for details about lighting and security requirements, pricing and availability. 


2013- 2014 TravelLing Exhibitions Program


Arkansas Wildflowers: Watercolors by Inez Whitfield

Inez Whitfield illustrated more than 400 species of Arkansas wildflowers, of which 376 remain and are owned by the Arkansas Arts Center. Whitfield painted each plant to scale in watercolor, identifying the scientific name, common name, and the month and season of bloom. This exhibition of 30 watercolors honors Whitfield’s contribution to the documentation of the state’s abundant flora while also honoring her legacy as a community leader. 

George Fisher: The Presidents

George Fisher, born in Searcy, Arkansas, was a political cartoonist whose work influenced and helped define politics for a generation. He created a series of visual metaphors and themes that were widely associated with the politicians he caricatured and became a part of Arkansas political folklore. Fisher approached national issues and figures with the swagger afforded a Washington outsider. His unapologetic depictions of the Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administrations are represented in this exhibition of 30 drawings from the Arkansas Arts Center Library Collection of George Fisher Cartoons.

Henry Moore: Shelter

Henry Moore’s Shelter Sketch Books were created between 1940 –1942. During this period, the many air-raid warnings and bombings in London demanded travel beneath the city. Moore became fascinated by the reclining figures deep underground, in a cave-like atmosphere. He used his notebook to make quick sketches and verbal descriptions of the scene.  He was fascinated by the rows of figures everywhere. In the tunneled environment, it seemed they were coming out of holes in a sculpture. This traveling exhibition of 30 sketches showcases the work of one of the world’s most prolific sculptors, providing insight into the artistic process as well as an interpretation of historical events.   

Otto Lang: Drawing From Life

Otto Lang was a master draughtsman who drew extensively from life. He filled sketchbooks with figure drawings, landscapes, cityscapes, interiors, and ideas for his illustrative work. This exhibition is a sampling of his work selected from a collection of over 350 drawings, watercolors, and illustrations.

Images from the South

Images from the South is an exhibition of art from Arkansas and the immediate region that explores the artists’ connection to the land of their birth. The use of detail, especially small and seemingly insignificant, is central to understanding the story imbedded in these images. Artists of note, such as Benny Andrews and Romare Bearden, recall the south of their past as they moved to larger American cities. Still others, such as Caroll Cloar, Mike Disfarmer, Louis Freund, and Andrew Kilgore, gained national fame, yet remain regional institutions. This exhibition focuses on characters, customs, and the important role that the land had in the construction of this shared cultural memory. Contemporary artists from the area, perhaps subconsciously, still absorb the influence of their surroundings into their work. The artists included in this exhibition give voice to a collective memory, mythology, and culture that supersedes time and place – proving that being Southern truly is a state of mind.



1. Here’s all you need to bring a Travelling Exhibition to your area!

  • Gallery must have security and limited access.
  • Gallery must have light and temperature controls.
  • Exhibition space must be approved by the Arkansas Arts Center. Please call for details.

 2. It’s affordable and there are ways to reduce your fees!

  • In-state $500 per month; $400 per month when booked for two months or more, plus shipping fees.
  • Out of state $1,500 per month; $1,200 per month when booked for two months or more, plus shipping fees.
  • The Arkansas Arts Council offers up to 40% fee assistance to nonprofit Arkansas-based organizations certified as exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code (this includes public schools, institutions of higher learning, churches, and government units.).

3. Here are additional resources you will receive!

  • You will receive press information for your local publicity of the tour.
  • You will receive framed works from the Arkansas Arts Center Collection.

4. You will receive text panels to accompany each exhibition and each work within the exhibition.

5. It’s easy to book! Simply contact the State Services Department by phone at 501-396-0350 or 1-800-264-ARTS. You may also email to schedule dates and times.


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