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Touring Programs Calendar

2016–2017 Touring Programs

Below are the Arkansas Arts Center 2016–2017 Touring Programs.

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Visual Voyages

Humans have long felt the impulse to travel—to push toward new horizons and explore the unfamiliar. The reasons for these migrations, as diverse as those who undertake them, are often prompted by contemporary social or environmental factors: to follow a food source, avoid harsh weather, establish trade relations, escape oppressive governments, or simply interrupt the routine of daily life for a short while. Movement across the face of the planet has led to an expanded world view; demands for faster journeys have resulted in innovative transportation across land, sea, and sky. How and why we travel is therefore a direct reflection of our current place in history.

Visual Voyages highlights various artistic methods and techniques used to reimagine landscapes, consider the effects of travel on society, and explore the fathoms of our imaginations. This exhibition of works from the Arkansas Arts Center’s permanent collection delivers a view of the world that inspires us toward adventures of our own.

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Children's Theatre on Tour

The Gingerbread Man 

by Keith Smith

November 14 – December 16, 2016

Grandpa Nick couldn’t be more surprised or delighted when the Gingerbread Man springs to life and dances around the kitchen. He’s a snappy little cookie man made of ginger and molasses, and he’s so much fun to play with. But when the sly, hungry Fox comes along, playtime is over and the race is on! It’s a wild, wacky holiday adventure, so run, run! Fast as you can. You’re going to want to catch the Gingerbread Man!

Stone Soup 

adapted from the traditional tale by Keith Smith

January 30 – February 24, 2017

One day, a lovable wanderer—down on his luck, lonely, and hungry—knocks on the door of a little house at the end of a long road. Though the house looks to be nearly as down on its luck as he, the traveler discovers a treasure within even more precious than a pot of delicious soup: he finds a friend. Earnest charm, playful imagination, and heart-warming music are the key ingredients in this fresh, tasty, nourishing new play.

The Reluctant Dragon 

adapted from the Kenneth Grahame classic by Keith Smith

April 10 – May 12, 2017

A dragon is “a scourge and a pest and a baneful monster.” So, what’s a boy to do when one moves into the hills above his home? Pay the beast a visit, of course. But instead of a monster he finds a civilized, thoughtful, poetry-reading new friend. Everything is fun and games until the ill-informed villagers send for St. George to slay this “reptilian menace.” That’s when the boy—armed with only a quick wit and a kind, courageous heart—must step up to save the day. 

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Traveling Exhibitions

Arkansas Wildflowers: Watercolors by Inez Whitfield

Inez Whitfield illustrated more than 400 species of Arkansas wildflowers, of which 376 remain and are owned by the Arkansas Arts Center. Whitfield painted each plant to scale in watercolor, identifying the scientific name, common name, and the month and season of bloom. This exhibition of 30 watercolors honors Whitfield’s contribution to the documentation of the state’s abundant flora while also honoring her legacy as a community leader. 

George Fisher: The Presidents

George Fisher, born in Searcy, Arkansas, was a political cartoonist whose work influenced and helped define politics for a generation. His visual metaphors and themes were widely associated with the politicians he caricatured and became a part of Arkansas political folklore. His unapologetic depictions of the Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administrations are represented in this exhibition of 30 drawings from the Arkansas Arts Center Library Collection of George Fisher Cartoons.

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Young Arkansas Artists on Tour

The Young Arkansas Artists (YAA) on Tour is organized by the Arkansas Arts Center with the cooperation of the Arkansas Department of Education. Selected works from the 55th annual exhibition at the AAC will tour the state in 2016–2017. Creations by the state’s young artists demonstrate a great range, from the outpouring of youthful expression to more sophisticated artwork from higher grade levels. YAA on Tour showcases the talent of Arkansas’ youth and inspires young artists to achieve—and perhaps exceed—the talent of their peers in the pursuit of a lifelong relationship with the arts. 

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